Will G


I come from a family of adamant storytellers and cut-throat monopoly players; stories and games have been a very defining part of my life thus far. I have no doubt they will continue to be well into my future. Otherwise, when I have some excess energy to spend outside, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking. Also—despite it more so becoming my only mode of transportation—I really enjoy biking around town in search of those hidden gems of parks, shops, and restaurants that are tucked away out of sight. If you see a skinny kid on a purple bike, it’s likely me.

Courses Taken That Relate Childcare

I’m currently studying at the University of Iowa for a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education.


While I’m very much open to the idea of babysitting, my schedule can be pretty volatile.

So if you’d like me to babysit on any particular day, you can contact me at (515) 724-9783 (call, message, or text all work great) and hopefully we can make something work!

Childcare Experience

Before working at Shimek, my childcare experience was mostly limited to babysitting. Many of my neighbors worked late into the night, so I watched their kids until they got home every day after school. I’d say that work really shaped my high school years for the better, so it only seemed right to keep to something similar as I transitioned into college.

Oh, By The Way...

I’m originally from the Des Moines area. While I was there, I lived in 14 different homes within a 25 mile radius of downtown. So if you’re making a trip into central Iowa and are looking for somewhere to eat or something to do, I may have a few ideas to send your way.