Sam R


Hi! I am all about sports. I have played soccer and baseball ever since I was 4 years old. In high school I was the captain of my Varsity baseball team. Over the course of the years I have played competitive basketball, volleyball and even bowling. Currently I am a player in a summer baseball league in Elgin, Illinois and am an assistant coach for the Niles West Varsity baseball team located in Skokie, Illinois. I'm from Chicago so my favorite sports teams are the Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears. Additionally I am the Vice President of the University of Iowa Powerlifting Club.

Courses Taken That Relate Childcare

I am a senior at the University of Iowa and am majoring in Health and Human Physiology with a minor in Educational Psychology. I plan on applying to graduate school for elementary education and hope to be a school teacher ASAP.


I am currently not available for babysitting.

Childcare Experience

I have worked at my hometown summer day camp for the past 4 years. This past summer I was the supervisor of the 6-8 grade camp. I worked at Club Kid After School Program at Rutledge Hall Elementary School in Lincolnwood, Illinois for 2 school years and at Ramona Elementary School's before school program for 1 school year. This is my 2nd year at Shimek BASP.

Oh, By The Way...

I have a fully equipped gym in my garage at my home in Chicago. If you ever need lifting or fitness tips let me know! My favorite musicians are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Johnny Cash, my favorite movie of all time is the Waterboy with Adam Sandler and my favorite book is Holes by Louis Sachar.