Mac H


One thing I enjoy doing in my free time is going out into the great outdoors. I truly believe in today's day and age all of us could use breaks from phones and the stresses of everyday life by just catching a breather outside. Going hand in hand with that I also thoroughly enjoy traveling. I think it is essential to see how other cultures work so we can approach interactions with an open mind, also who doesn't love seeing new sights! Another huge passion of mine includes soccer and if I am not at Shimek I will either be outdoors playing the sport or indoors watching it!

Courses Taken That Relate Childcare

Courses that I have taken in relation to childcare would be my CPR training course and other various online childcare trainings. I hope to take some sort of childcare course while I am here studying at the University of Iowa.


My availability for babysitting is completely limited during the weekdays, however, I might be available for some weekends.

Childcare Experience

This is my 2nd year working at the BASP and I have loved every bit of it!

Oh, By The Way...

Something that people might find interesting about me is that I was a Shimek shark myself! I loved going to school at Shimek because it was such a welcoming school that felt like one big, tight-knit family. Shoutout to Matt and Claire for running such an awesome program for so long and GO SHARKS!