Activities and Events

Welcome to Shimek BASP, home of the rockin' After School Specials bands!  This year we have once again expanded our project and are featuring 4 bands of kids (one for each grade, 3-6).  We are gearing up for our 2018 spring tour, please come see us live at any of these amazing performance opportunities!

At Shimek, our after school program bases our activities on monthly themes.  We then create art projects and games to compliment these themes. This year we are exploring such classics as: Halloween spookiness, winter celebrations around the world, the Lunar New Year (Vietnam this year), Mardi Gras, and medieval times.  We were also very happy to try out such new themes as: Shimek Cultural Community, where we designed a culture quilt, a cookbook full of family traditions, and had an amazing potluck where the kids go to present the background stories of their dishes to our group!  I can't wait to see what we come up with in 2020 and 2021!

Besides our passing monthly themes , the After School Specials have been gigging locally for a decade at such local venues as the Mill, Java House, UAY, The Trumpet Blossom, and the Arts Fest.  Originally created as a one-shot project for a yearly talent show, the band grew over the next few years into two, separate, performing entities comprised of 3rd-4th graders, and 5th-6th graders who are enrolled in Shimek's before and after school program.  The band now performs an eclectic mix of classic rock, 90's alternative, and modern pop songs, lead by local rockers, Matt Larson and Claire Thoele.

Additionally, we have some highlights from past years' projects such as the Junior Staff (videos), Yo-yo Club, Cooking Club, Miscellaneous Video Projects and the After School Specials (our 2nd-6th grade rock band).

Curriculum and Event highlights from 2017-18

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